About Us

My name is Steph and I am a first time mum living in Victoria's Yarra Valley with my fiance Pete and our Daughter Noa. I am a Paediatric Nurse currently on maternity leave and riding the wave that is this global pandemic. 

Bloomware Beginnings:

The idea of Bloomware came about when my own daughter began her feeding journey in early 2020. In the hours I spent scrolling online stores during that 3am feed, I never found the perfect puree bowl and spoon combo or a set that I liked enough to invest in. I found myself wasting food in those early months using bowls that were too big or difficult to hold and more food ending up in her lap because spoons were shallow and too big for little mouths. So the idea of a bowl and spoon set that was perfect for puree feeding in those first months of weaning came about and Bloomware was born. 

I have been on a personal journey of trying to minimise my mark on our planet for many years now. It began with reading ‘Zero Waste Home’ and I quickly dove into removing every single piece of plastic from my house and then fumbling my way through, trying to get a good seal on a bloody beeswax wrap for the next 6 months (thank god someone invented silicone food covers am I right!?). This however, was not all that practical and since having a baby of my own I can totally empathise with parents needing to find a balance when it comes to sustainable products.

Enter bamboo. A completely renewable resource that grows quickly, needs minimal water to thrive, has antibacterial and anti fungal properties so no need to use nasty chemicals and pesticides in farming AND releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent volume of trees!
Bloomware is actually made from bamboo bi-product which means when other bamboo products are produced, what’s leftover is used to make our beautiful bowls, plates, spoons and cups- yay for no waste and no nasties like phthalates and BPA coming anywhere near your babies!

We hope that Bloomware not only supports you on your path to more sustainable, less toxic lifestyle but that the design and aesthetic we have worked so hard on fits in with your family meal times for many years to come.