Terms & Conditions

By purchasing from our store you agree to the following conditions of use. Bloomware is not responsible for any adverse event that occurs if products are used outside of these terms. 

Dishwasher safe- top shelf only

Microwave safe up to 2 minutes- Bamboo is a natural fiber and will heat up quicker than conventional plastics so please use caution when handling products directly from microwave as they may be hot.

Never let children handle bowls, cups or plates straight from the microwave and always test food temperature thoroughly before feeding it to your child. Bloomware is not responsible for any adverse event that occurs during feeding.

Always supervise children closely during feeding.

Continual microwave use at high heat settings may discolour products. Bloomware is microwave safe up to 2 minutes and dishwasher safe on the top shelf only. Hand washing of your Bloomware will extend it’s longevity.

Although durable, bamboo fiber can break when excessive force is used. Always inspect products before use to ensure they are free from damage before using. Discard product responsibly if any damage occurs through daily use.

Although we do our absolute best to ensure colours on our website are an accurate reflection of the products, environmental factors such as lighting, screen brightness and different devices can effect this so our images should not be regarded as absolutely correct. 

Bloomware is inspired by the matte texture and feel as well as the organic colouring of traditional stoneware and ceramics. Each product may vary slightly in colour and texture which only adds to the authentic stoneware look and feel. 

Bloomware products are only to be used for their intended purpose. Bloomware is not to be held responsible for any adverse outcome should the products be used outside of intended use.